Why Forgive?

“Have you ever been hurt by others ?”

Going through moments from my childhood up until now, I discovered that what seemed to be so little and insignificant in the past, turned out to be an event that can changed my life I have let some of the negative words and events change how I see myself. I was trapped and I knew I needed to get out !

Fortunately for me,

A close friend of mine told me that the key to get myself free is forgiveness. He helped me to go through this forgiveness journeyand it helped me to see my life differently.

So how about you?

Have you ever been cheated? Deceived? Don’t let these experience keep you from trusting! Underestimated? Don’t waste time trying to prove yourself to others! Disappointed? Don’t stop yourself from believing again!

In the bottom of this pages, there are steps on how to be able to forgive and be freed from living in your past. I hope that when you follow these steps, you can be freed from negativity and replaced with love.

Finally, don't let this liberating experience stop here! Share your experience and let other people find peace! So, lets gather and Spreace !

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